Are you looking for a great story?

…about a fabulous garden?

You are invited to a social event on Thursday evening, July 21, the night before our official Fling activities commence. This networking opportunity is sponsored by GWA and the Washington Chapter of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. The evening (6:30-9 p.m.), held in a garden with breathtaking scenery, gives you the opportunity to meet the top garden designers from the Northwest.

Space is limited for this exciting event and pre-registration is a must.  For more information go here.

Registration closes July 7th!!!


  1. So disappointed I’ll arrive too late that day to enjoy this event. Thanks for the invite though.

  2. I would love to attend. Flying in around 3 so it should be no problem although East Coast to West Coast is often fraught with cancellations. Will be there if possible.

  3. Would love to come but I can’t because of health problems in my family.
    Looking forward to see the pictures and reports.
    Greetings from Toronto,

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