Makes “scents” to me

Many thanks to Seattle Fling-er (-ette?) Gail Eichelberger (Clay & Limestone) for bringing Thistle Farms to my attention.  Thistle Farms is a social enterprise program run by the women of Magdalene and producer of deliciously fragrant, all natural bath, body & home products that are “…as good for the earth as they are for the body.” NPR did a fabulous 3 part story on this remarkable enterprise which you can explore here. Gail has generously donated several Thistle Farm products as gifts that will be awarded to a few lucky Fling participants.

Me?  I couldn’t wait; I’ve ordered a lovely Tuscan Earth room spray from the Thistle Farm online store.  I know several of you have been opining about your hopes for a cool respite from hot weather during your visit to Seattle.  Good luck with that.  Really!  I dearly hope for and have diligently put in my request for balmy dry days with temperatures in the mid 70’s with a high cloud cover mid-day to show our gardens in their best light. Morning sun is preferable as sun always puts everyone in a good mood and what better way to end each day than with a glorious sunset!  Is that so much to ask?  Time will tell.

Meanwhile, those of us here on the upper left coast have only recently begun to thaw out from the coldest spring (and early summer) on record.  I’m hoping tiny, atomized droplets of Tuscan Earth will scent my office with Mediterranean herbs and the illusion of warmth even if outside persistent “droplets” of PNW Green, aka RAIN, persist to dog each day.

Find out more about Thistle Farm and the community of Magdalene here.  Find out more about our extended weather forecast here.



  1. Thanks Loren, for show-casing Thistle Farms and the Magdalene program. It’s a marvelous program and deserves more recognition. I love the products and hope that the winners of the Thistle Farm products enjoy them. Right now my nails are painted purple in recognition of their soon to be nationwide~Paint Your Nails Purple campaign for empowering women. gail

  2. Beautifully written, and such neat products. My nails are purple too. Can’t wait to meet. Getting excited. The weather must be better than Oklahoma’s 21st day over 100F in a row.~~Dee

    1. OMG! I would melt away. Yes, a cool breezy respite awaits your arrival Dee!!!

  3. An added plug for this wonderful program: About six years ago my gardening booth was next to the Thistle Farms booth at a local expo. I loved talking to the ladies and hearing a little of their stories, seeing their determination to rebuild their lives, and purchased several of their wonderful hand lotions and candles. A few years later I was asked to look at their lavender fields to offer suggestions for improvement and was amazed at the land that had been made available for growing the herbs used in their products. Can’t say enough about the integrity of this great group and the opportunity that they have provided so many women. Tea Tree mint lotion is my favorite.

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