Airport Shuttle discount for Fling participants

Hi everyone, one more update for traveling to and fro this coming week.

Our official transportation partner, Shuttle Express, has set up a special reservation portal for anyone coming to the Fling. Thanks to Shannon Anderson, our travel coordinator at Shuttle Express, for setting this up.

Click here to make your ground-travel reservations. The discounted shuttle fee is $19 from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to the Silver Cloud Inn/University District. Some discounts apply to other hotels, too, so please call 425.981.7000 to make individual inquiries.

Shuttle Express also offers a 10% discount if you wish to take a different method of transportation, such as a sedan, limo or private van.


  1. It asks for flight arrival time when scheduling, but when I get to the final arrangements, it says that’s the pick-up time. There’s no way that we can be out at the curb ready for pick-up then. Is that time allowed for when we’re picked up, do you know?

  2. Thank you! This is half the price of the town car!

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