Take a deeeeeeep breath and breathe!

Hello gang, your humble volunteer committee is trying to keep all the balls in the air as we juggle the many logistics with the Fling, plus other personal and professional demands.

It’s all going to be wonderful, but please be patient.

If you don’t see something posted about what you feel you must know now, please give us the courtesy of contacting Lorene, Debra, Marty or Mary Ann directly rather than stirring up a Facebook discussion.

Speaking only for myself, it’s hugely stressful to see the questions circulating and repeated when a simple direct email to one of us could answer whatever you’re concerned about.

And to answer what appears to be the burning Facebook questions of the day, read on:

1. Meeting up/Check in: Occurs at 8:30 a.m. on Friday, July 22nd in the Silver Cloud Inn/University Village lobby. If you don’t know where that is, look for the HOTEL link on this site. The bus boarding for our first day’s touring takes place at 9:45 a.m. Sharp.

2. Packets: Yes, we will have packets with the schedule, garden descriptions and any other pertinent information. And nametags. You will receive this at the Friday check-in.

So, without further adieu, here’s how to reach us:

Debra: dkprinzing@aol.com

Mary Ann: idahogardener@gmail.com

Marty: marty@martywingate.com

Lorene: planted@comcast.net

Safe travels everyone!


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you all for the hard work you have put into this event! We really appreciate it, and know everything will be wonderful. The days are slowly giving way to the time of travels, a whole other ball of wax if one is flying. Excitement builds. Hooray!

  2. Ditto what Francis said! Very thankful for all you all have done to get this together. And coming from hot, dry Tennessee, I don’t even mind if we get rained on!

  3. Thank you for all your efforts, Planning Committee! We know y’all are juggling like crazy. While I can never see too many beautiful gardens, the real beauty of Fling is connecting with other garden bloggers and the ongoing relationships that enrich our lives so much.

  4. Carolyn Pinkard-Kellogg · · Reply

    It is cool and cloudy right now but forecast imporves for the weekend. And, ditto ditto what was said above. These events take a TON of work…never mind trying to fit it in with all other obligations. We are going to have a blast…great gardens and great company. Thanks for all you hard wirk to make it happen.

  5. Hi – thanks for putting together such a wonderful programme of events – note the English spelling😉

    I’ll be arriving on Friday evening, so check-in will be late for me. I’ll email Lorene about arrangements re packet pick up…

  6. Thank you all so much for all your hard work. I really appreciate it – my brain has nearly seized up while making my own travel arrangements, let alone organising events on a large scale.
    I know this is a trip we will all remember all our lives, and it’s all thanks to you guys.
    Look forward to meeting you!

  7. Hi Garden Gal-pals,
    I would just like to also take a moment to send a big giant THANK YOU and virtual hug for all the hard work you have put into this event. I am beyond excited about coming and very much appreciate you putting this all together for ‘lil ol’ us!

    Thanks bunches and bunches! See you soon!

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