How do you spell R.E.L.I.E.F???

You might think I’m talking about relief from recording breaking heat waves and apocalyptic dust storms – in which case it’s true – our beautiful Emerald City offers a luscious cool respite from the above troubles most of the country is suffering from just now.  But I was actually referring to relief from the hassle of lugging all your goodies and gifts home from the up coming Seattle Fling!

Acquisitive (and/or lucky) garden Flingers –  there is a UPS store very close to our hotel of record where you’ll find helpful people eager to make your life a little easier for the trip home.

As for the weather?  I’m thinking you might be looking forward to a little heat after spending 5 days in our tepid clime.  Best comment I’ve heard lately? “this is the longest November I can ever remember!”

Pack layers!


  1. Thanks, Lorene! I was just thinking about how to send stuff back home with adding to the overpacked suitcase! Layers, gotcha.🙂

  2. Linda Hoke · · Reply

    Lorene – UPS or FedEx or even the USPS are options for sending stuff home and avoiding airline hassles and fees. We sometimes even send hiking boots and other bulky items ahead when we fly to destinations that will accept and hold packages for us. Anything to avoid airline hassles!

    1. if only we could get them to do our dirty laundry!

  3. You are thinking of everything! If it is like November weather then I will celebrate my birthday early. I think most will enjoy the cool weather.

  4. You must’ve been reading my mind! I just put 2 of my FedEx airbills in my Fling folder just in case.

  5. Good to know! Now I can spend at will without reservation. (Except for the credit limit, I suppose!)

  6. Carolyn Pinkard-Kellogg · · Reply

    Emotionally, I wish it was sunnier and warmer, but truth be told, we (Seattle) are having great ‘gardening’ weather! If only my job wasn’t in the way.

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