Calling all Links

From left: Marty Wingate, Mary Ann Newcomer, Lorene Edwards Forkner & Debra Prinzing (photo, courtesy of Janet Endsley - Northwest Flower & Garden Show)

Hello fellow Bloggers….

Your Seattle Fling team is beginning to recover from last month’s awesome, 4-day horticultural adventure.

Marty was back on the radio last Tuesday (and today), sharing her wit and wisdom with our local NPR audiences.

Mary Ann is putting the finishing touches on her new book, The Rocky Mountain Gardener’s Guide, having returned to Boise.

Lorene is starting work on a new book while farm-sitting on Whidbey Island (read Planted at Home for more details!.

And Debra is on location producing a yummy story about basil for Country Gardens.

We’re moving so fast that we wanted stop and take a breather to ask each and every one of you to share your LINKS to blog posts here in the Comment Section below. Also, please post them to the Garden Bloggers Fling facebook page.

This will give us a permanent, ongoing record of your personal blog articles, videos and photographs about the Seattle Garden Bloggers Fling 2011.

At some point in the future, these may be compiled into a master list, but right now, this is what we’re going with.

Take good care, Garden Friends.


  1. Wonderful! And thank again for a delightful fling, you all rock!

    Seattle Fling 2011-Overture

    Lost Secret In The Bloedel Reserve

    more in the works


  2. Pam/Digging · · Reply

    Great idea! I look forward to reading everyone’s posts. Also, I’d love to see the group picture when you have time to post it. When you do, will it be ok to repost the group photo on our own blogs? If not, no problem, I’ll just link to it. Thanks again for an absolutely wonderful Fling!

    1. Hi Pam…. Honestly, I do not know who took the group photo and I’m pretty sure if there is one that I wasn’t in it! If someone has a group photo – please post here to let us all see it and also whether you grant permission for other Fling-ers to use it on their own blogs – THANK YOU!

      1. Jim Martin took the group photo so Frances can contact him through his blog, Compost in my Shoe to get a copy. I’m sure he won’t mine.~~Dee

        Thanks, Dee! We’ll do that ~ debra

      2. Actually, I meant to write Pam, but I haven’t had my first cup of tea.~~Dee

  3. I plan to write another post tomorrow, but I have two up already. I’ll be glad to send you the links. Thanks for everything you did.~~Dee

    1. Here are my links: Lorene’s Garden The Bloedel Reserve Try to imagine about the first two gardens

      Thanks for everything!

  4. Thanks again for everything. It was an amazing garden adventure. I have a few more posts dancing in my head, but here are the 4 I’ve already done.

  5. What a good idea!

    I have blogs posted about the first 2 days, with Days 3 and 4 to go.
    Day 1:
    Day 2:

    Janet Endsley
    Northwest Flower & Garden Show
    February – 12, 2012

  6. Also, you will have to photo shop some of us in the group photo because we were like 5 year olds on our first ferry ride and had no idea that we were need for a photo op.

  7. Could you all look any cuter? Seriously…good god! You even match!

    I think it’s going to take me awhile to work through all the images from the fun places you took us (THANK YOU!)….but what a great idea to share them all in one place!

  8. Sorry, but us Cats need more Direction if we are to be properly Herded, as you well know! If we have multiple posts, should we link to each Post, to a Tag (e.g. Seattle) or just to our Blog? and Thank You 1000000 Times for a most magnificent Fling! Meow meow, Caroline

    From Debra: Caroline, take a look through the many comments here to get an idea of how others have added multiple posts! I hope you can find some good examples – we are not that rigid about how the links should be shared! Our Secretary took the rest of the year off – so you’ll have to proceed without someone to herd you – it’s okay!

  9. It was a glorious weekend with all of you. Here is my link, first post. Warning, there will be more.

  10. It was marvelous~The gardens, the friendships and that weather. Thank you! Gail

  11. Well, I’ve only got one post up so far. I may have to draw it out all summer, just so I can think of cool Seattle and survive this heat!

  12. I have one post that is specifically about the Fling and one post that linked to Layanee and Frances to give some beautiful sense of the trip – because with grandsons here I have not been ‘working’ my usual schedule. There will be more.

    Wasn’t it Jim who took the group photo on the ferry?

  13. Simple Wonderful in Seattle. Many thanks for all of your organizing, planning, and creative touches!

  14. Seattle was simply wonderful! Many thanks to all of you for all of your planning, organizing, and creative touches!

  15. Great idea! Here is my first post about private gardens we visited in Seattle:

  16. Here is my post about David Perry’s talk
    More will follow. I love seeing all the posts about the Bloedel. And finished photography assignments. And everything.

  17. Thank you, organizers, for a job well done!
    Here’s my post about David’s wonderful workshop:

  18. Just got back to the UK after a wonderful time at the Fling and vacation afterwards😀

    Thanks so much for a great time in Seattle!

    My posts will be much later than everyone else’s but wanted to mention that using something like Mr Linky makes compiling a master list much easier as people can enter their own blog links and the app makes paging through them much easier than the comments. You can easily add your own finds (e.g. links already left in the comments here) and edit any links afterwards if needed.

    See this example from the UK garden bloggers get together this year…

    NB there are other similar apps available I’ve seen used on other blogs. Get in touch with me if you need more info.

    Greetings from a rainy England!

  19. Hurrah – my first post’s up – I think it’ll be one of many!

  20. The Birrell garden — love all those metal accents!

  21. grwhryrpltd · · Reply

    i think i finally got all my worthy #seattlefling pics posted to flickr: maybe now i can write a blog post or two… working on it!

    1. grwhryrpltd · · Reply

      and here’s my magazine assignment…! david, i really enjoyed working on this. i could spend more time on it, but then it’d probably never get done…

  22. I see many Flingers have posted about Seattle’s scrummy public planting🙂

    If anyone would like to join me in my regular Out on the Streets (aka OOTS) this month, they’d be most welcome.

    Needless to say I have loads to say on this topic thanks to you guys – the Bloedel Reserve, the Olympic Sculpture Park and the University Shopping Village to name but 3!

    All is explained here:

  23. The Dunn Gardens, and Anneliese striking a warrior pose!

  24. A quick look at downtown Seattle, a teaser photo of the Olympic Sculpture Park, plus an appeal for help from my fellow Flingers…

  25. Gardening with a view — my post about the Epping garden:

  26. A quick run through most of the gardens we visited + a few other locations for good measure. I commented over at Pam’s yesterday that Hakonechloa is a contender as Seattle’s signature plant knowing full well this post was scheduled🙂

    Quick question is Hakonechloa what you guys call Japanese forest grass?

  27. Am I the only one still posting? Here’s a good look at the mountain, which showed itself on Saturday while I was at Pike Place Market. Also I got a few nice people pics.

  28. Lorene Edwards Forkner’s “urban hillbilly chic” garden:

  29. Pam, I’m still posting too🙂

    Here’s a quick snippet from my photography blog re the Olympic Sculpture Park

    Lots more posts to come – it’s going to take me weeks to get through it all…

  30. Finally eeked out another one about some of the cool things I saw at the different gardens:

  31. Did I learn my lessons well? The first part of my response to David Perry’s fantastic photography workshop:

  32. Dragonfly Farms Nursery, happy-hour fascinators, and friends on the ferry:

  33. Book review of My Garden, the City and Me which some Flingers will have found in their Timber Press goody bag, but others will have had the deer resistant plants book instead.

    Judging by Kylee’s review, it’s still of interest on your side of the pond. What do other Flingers think?

    PS I think you may have overlooked one of my links on August 19th – it’s still awaiting moderation…

  34. At last I’ve reviewed the wonderful Felco pruning saw I received as a door prize. My thanks to David Fishman for donating such a generous gift🙂

  35. It’s over a year since the Fling, but it’s not forgotten!

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